Requesting a Program

Program requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the desired presentation date.
To request a program, contact Dr. Emily Lazar via phone (828-262-3180) or email (

The following programs may be requested of the ASU Mental Health Ambassadors. The programs are 50 minutes in length (note: the Counseling Center Services/How to Help a Friend presentation can be modified to a 20-minute presentation). All presentations are interactive
in nature.


Conflict Management:

This presentation will involve helping students understand their own approach to conflict management, strengths and limitations of various approaches to dealing with conflict, and strategies for managing conflict more effectively. Assertive communication will be
touched upon.


Counseling Center Services/How to Help a Friend/How to Make a Referral to Counseling:

The various services offered at the ASU Counseling Center will be described. Signs/symptoms that someone may be in distress/in need of help will be discussed, as will how one can more effectively refer someone to get professional help.



In this program, signs and symptoms of depression and suicide will be discussed. Myths of suicide will be examined, and a video for college students, The Truth About Suicide, will be shown and discussed. How to help a friend/family member that one suspects may be at risk for suicide will also be addressed.


Healthy Relationships:

In this presentation, students will do an activity that helps them identify their relationship values. Factors that cause relationships to be healthy or unhealthy will be explored, and suggestions for healthy relationships will be addressed.


Stress Management:

In this presentation, students will examine the healthy and unhealthy ways that they cope with their own stress. They will learn more about stress in general (consequences of poor stress management, when stress can be helpful, etc.), and will then be taught strategies for managing stress more effectively.

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